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Introducing the
cat risk marketplace

'Cat' or catastrophic risk refers to risks tied to events like earthquakes and hurricanes. We offer a marketplace for these risks.

This alternative asset class is uncorrelated with other financial markets, and has delivered superior risk adjusted returns over the last 20 years. We meticulously evaluate these investments, marketing only the highest quality to our investors.

For the first time, investors have direct access to this class of risk. All of our notes are short duration, highly transparent, and feature lower investment minimums - making them more inclusive at large.

How it works

Ready, set, go.

Add a new asset class to your portfolio and boost overall risk-adjusted performance. Our insurance-linked assets will slingshot your portfolio up to the new efficient frontier.

And it doesn’t end there. We give you access to a vast suite of risks to customize a portfolio that fits your risk appetite. Generate alpha in emerging risk types. We have everything you need to meet your return objectives.


1. Explore

Browse through our investments based on your risk preferences.


2. Invest

Fund the portfolios of risks that you have selected.


3. Earn

Enjoy monthly returns deposited directly to your account.

Uncorrelated Performance
Our risks are totally uncorrelated with other financial markets.
Short Duration
Notes on our platform range from 1-3 year terms.

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Market Intelligence

Real Time Macro Insights
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Unparalleled clarity into the competitive landscape. Evaluate recent and relevant transactions. Recognize demand trends among investors.

Insightful competitive intelligence delivered daily. Know the market like never before.

Portfolio Optimization

Diversify towards greater performance
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Intelligent investment selection to optimize your portfolio. We continuously scan the marketplace and evaluate transactions that best fit your risk profile. Define your own investment criteria and automate your orders. Or subscribe to one of our many expertly managed portfolio strategies.

Flexible and intelligent portfolio optimization. Your personal investment concierge.